A Heroes approach to sustainable communication!

Be heard! Be you! Communicate successfully! Be an authentic source for sustainable communication!

Become a Communication Superhero by embracing your uniqueness and humanity. Allow yourself  to connect with the world. Find the courage to go beyond – be vulnerable, share your truth and inspire. Communication for heroes  is not only about the passing of information, but the ability to truly connect to yourself and the audience. I measures the quality of communication to foster change and endure. Dare to be a real communication superhero, NOW!

Who I am and why I do what I do!

Unable to ignore my dreams, I explored the art of acting and directing after studying communications and philosophy at the university. As life often does, it led me back to my origins by combining my life experiences, studies, and passions as an actor, writer and director into this teaching role.

I bring to you a deep understanding of the necessities and challenges of being in front of an audience and how to master the art of connecting people and ideas in order to communicate authentically.

Working as an actor, host, voice talent, and communication teacher blends my two worlds together so that I am my most genuine, true self — which is exactly what I wish to help you discover and communicate to the world.

What I offer, for Who am I working?

It doesn’t matter if your context is hosting, acting and or business, Connection and the ability to fascinate and get attention is essential for your success and your endeavors!

Coaching for Actors and Professionals.

Coaching for Speakers and Leaders in a Business Context.

For Companys (12p/Class)

1 Day Course

Get your Online Communication right.


price on request

2 Day Intensive Course

Quick Intro to Voice, Body and Story.


price on request

3 Day Intensive Course

Intro to Voice, Body and Story. Develop you as a Brand.

price on request

For more information, questions, or a custom solution from industry professionals please contact me. Courses are offered in both German and English.

The Work- Learn more about my approach.

Understand your Body- Voice-Story Mechanics

Learning about your body-voice-story mechanics will help you become a more successful speaker, actor and leader, with a better understanding of what communications steps and tricks you can take to succeed. Working on your communication skills will be the beginning of a great journey to more and lasting success and higher quality relationships with yourself and others.


The Body

We constantly communicate with our body, every moment a stream of informationen is pouring out of our being. Learn to find and feel your body and become aware of yourself and what you are saying without using words.

The Voice

Improve your voice and articulation. Be heard and understood, and let your voice not only be the source of information but as well the carrier of emotion. Feel and understand that your voice transports information but is also the messenger of your personality.

The Story

Tell better stories, produce intriguing content, and deliver better speeches.

Since the dawn of mankind we have connected and passed on the essence of information through stories. It doesn’t matter if we are in a theater – or listening to a speech, it is still as if we sat around a cracking fire in ancient times. Understand that your form is as important as the content itself.


The Human

Find out who you are and how that can be translated into a personal rand and a UNique Selling Point that goes beyond the usual perception of your person. Define your rules and become the Human you have always wanted to be. Learn to translate your authenticity into a character that suits your professional needs.

Why Sustainable Communication?

Time for change and time to understand that this
change is happening anyway!

In a world, where trust seems a rare commodity, we ache for real and reliable communication and connection. In order to reestablish this foundation of trust, we can only answer by personal transparency and on a societal level, with transparency of institutions. How we talk, stand and react in utmost vulnerability is testimony to our willingness to be tangible. It is about clarity in our actions and the congruence of outer and inner intentions. As an actor and human i still struggle every day with what it takes to become real and vulnerable. This has nothing to do with impersonating or adding — but with revealing the truth of each character. This honesty and truth is reflected in how we talk and how engaging our message is!

Only if we put our skin in the game by being accessible, vulnerable and truly visibly we can gain stability in our connections and add potential for our private and professional lives. Connecting profoundly to the other person and audience takes a leap of faith lo leave our comfort Zone and really meet others and yourselve and that takes nothing but a hero!

A Heroes approach to a sustainable communication!

My essence at a glance

Be Vulnerable

The courage to fail and allow yourself to be vulnerable is the starting point for growth and the foundation for human connection.

Be You

The idea is, to free ourselves from restrictions, develop ourselves and by this let go of personal and communication worries in order to focus on the message that is emotionally and intellectually already within us

Embrace the Flawed Hero

It is the flaw in Batman, Spiderman and beyond that allows us to connect to these figures. It is the complexity, ambiguity and not the perfection that makes them human.

Why Money Can´t Buy Ideas and People.

Only by being accessible and transparent, we can create a sense of a lasting community, that will transform your personal intrinsic motivation to a shared vision; a vision that goes beyond the matter of payment.

If you have questions feel free to get in touch anytime. for press inquiries, please contact: contact@peterwindhofer.com



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